Surfacelabs India Pvt. Ltd., innovates materials for surfaces – walls, floors, tiles, granite, marble, solid surface, fibre-cement boards, wood and metal.  Our materials are unique and offer great value in both functionality and aesthetics.  Explore our innovative products to finish your surfaces with greater speed and stunning aesthetics.


Innovation is the way we solve problems and provide solutions.

Colored Texture – This product is smart.  It replaces fine plastering, paint primer and two coats of paint in a single step.  Further, the coating is 15 times thicker than paint primer and two coats of paint.  The best part – application is a breeze with spray machinery and the job gets done rapidly.  

Colored Concrete – Grey is the color we associate with cement based concrete.  Our color concentrates render other colors to cement based concrete.  Its a cool technology to color concrete through and through.  It is permanent and does not require external painting.

Waterproofing Materials – This is an eternal problem from time immemorial.  Our epoxy waterproof membrane and epoxy glass bond products solve this problem perfectly.  The epoxy waterproof membrane permanently seals porous substrates such as cement plaster and concrete, granite, marble, fibre-cement boards, wood and MDF.  The epoxy glass bond product is designed to perfectly bond to glass and glazed ceramic tiles, such as those used in bathrooms and swimming pools.  We solve the waterproofing problem with surgical knives rather than a sledge hammer!

Epoxy Flooring – This has been an expensive proposition for consumers, much like a black box.  Our innovative products provide layers of solution.  For low cost solutions, our Epoxy Colored Base Coats get the job done well.  For mid-level cost solutions, our Epoxy Colored Screed products accomplish both leveling and coloring in a single step.  For a comprehensive cost solution, we provide a combination of our Epoxy Colored Base Coat, Epoxy Colored Screed and Epoxy Top Coat.  Colors are just one part of the flooring solution.  Check out our designer range of Epoxy Flooring – Sparkle Effect, Fluorescent Effect and Marble Effect. 

Other Products – We have a multitude of products that exploit the physics and chemistry at interfaces.  Talk to us and you might just about be surprised at the solutions and products you could use.


SurfaceLABS is built around science, but with a twist for market use.

Our team comprises of scientists, engineers, professors and technocrats.  We are bunch of people who are passionate about innovation and interfaces.

We love the physics and chemistry of interfaces, a scale that we normally cannot see microscopically, but can admire macroscopically.

We like to tinker at interfaces and find ways to make things that are useful to people of the world.



Welcome to SurfaceLABS. It’s been an exciting journey to develop valuable products for the market, that exploit the physics and chemistry at interfaces.  Our colored texture products, colored cement concrete products, waterproofing products and epoxy flooring products are available for immediate use.  Speak with us and we’ll help you make buildings aesthetically superior, faster and …