Colored Texture

This product is smart.  It replaces fine plastering, paint primer and two coats of paint in a single step.  Further, the coating is 15 times thicker than paint primer and two coats of paint.  The best part – application is a breeze with spray machinery and the job gets done rapidly. 

Single Component – No adding anything else, it is ready to apply 

Hydrophobic – Polymers in colored texture make the surface hydrophobic

Durability – Longer life; 15 times thicker than primer and paint coatings

Enhanced Flexural Strength – Greater elasticity due to polymer component

Easy to Apply – Spray application is quick and fast and increases productivity

Affordable – Cost works out at par with traditional fine plaster, primer and painting

Unlimited Color Choice – Just pick the one that you like

Application Method
Colored Texture is ready to use from the pails.  After opening the lid the contents should be re-blended using a hand power tool.  It is then fed to a spray machine specially designed for texture spraying.  

We supply the machinery too.  A single spray system can cover 20,000 sft/day with just 3 people – amazing productivity.  With our safety harness and hoisting system, tall buildings can be done safely and easily.  Spray machinery which render both rough texture and smooth texture is avialable.

For smaller jobs, for esoteric texture effects, various types of trowels, roller brushes and bristle brushers can be used.

Coverage is about 150 to 200 g/sft (grams per square feet) for 1.25 mm to 1.75 mm thickness.

The product is available in pails of size 5 Kg, 25 Kg and 40 Kg, in a large color range.

There is no limitation to color choice, only market preference.  The photographs below have been taken during daylight conditions and are indicative examples of some of the colors and finishes possible.

TX-9150 Desert Yellow
TX-9155 Citrus Yellow
TX-9405 Pastel Blue
TX-9410 Pacific Blue
TX-9505 Pastel Green
TX-9510 Conifer Green
TX-9605 Earth Pink
TX-9620 Ferric Red
TX-9610 Flamingo Pink
TX-9615 Delicious Red
TX-9705 Monsoon Grey
TX-9710 Solstice Black
Spectrum View