Epoxy Flooring

This has been an expensive proposition for consumers, much like a black box.  

Our innovative products provide layers of solution.  

For low cost solutions, our Epoxy Colored Base Coats get the job done well.  

For mid-level cost solutions, our Epoxy Colored Screed products accomplish both leveling and coloring in a single step.  

For a comprehensive cost solution, we provide a combination of our Epoxy Colored Base Coat, Epoxy Colored Screed and Epoxy Top Coat.  

Colors are just one part of the flooring solution.  Check out our designer range of Epoxy Flooring – Sparkle Effect, Fluorescent Effect and Marble Effect. 

Durability – Long lasting and industry standard for flooring

Hydrophobic – Epoxy polymers are intrinsically hydrophobic

Seamless – Zero seams, unlike granite, marble and ceramic tiles

Enhanced Flexural Strength – Great elasticity due to epoxy

Easy to Apply – Spreads and self leveling

Affordable – Cost is at par with traditional flooring materials

Unlimited Color Choice – Just pick the one that you like

Application Method
Epoxy Flooring materials come in two components – Part-A and Part-B. 

Epoxy Colored Base Coat and Top Coat – Part-A to Part-B ratio 100:40

Epoxy Colored Screed – Part-A to Part-B ratio 100:10

Epoxy Sparkle Coat – Part-A to Part-B ratio 100:45

Part-A and Part-B is mixed with simple hand stirring or a power tool.  It is then applied on the surface using industry standard techniques – pouring on the surface, rough leveling with trowels and squeegee and air release with spiked rollers.

Pot life after mixing is 25-30 minutes.  Initial cure time is 6 to 12 hours.  Time for complete cure and usability of the surface is 24 hours.

Epoxy Colored Base Coat and Top Coat – 10 g/sft for 100 micron thickness.

Epoxy Colored Screed – 150 g/sft for 1 mm thickness.

Epoxy Sparkle Coat – 100 g/sft for 1 mm thickness.

The product is available in pails of size 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 25 Kg and 40 Kg, in a large color range.

There is no limitation to color choice, only market preference.  

Epoxy Flooring Colors

Epoxy Sparkle Colors 

Epoxy Special Effects