Waterproofing Materials

This is an eternal problem from time immemorial.  

Our epoxy waterproof membrane and epoxy glass bond products solve this problem perfectly.  

Epoxy Waterproof Membrane – Permanently seals porous substrates such as cement plaster and concrete, granite, marble, fibre-cement boards, wood and MDF.  The epoxy is formulated to be water compatible, when applied, and seals the porosity by penetrating into the substrate through capillary forces.  Once in place, a thermoset reaction takes place and the epoxy cures to a hard material, thus making it waterproof.  A unique advantage is that this product can be applied on damp surfaces.

Epoxy Glass Bond – It is designed to perfectly bond to glass and glazed ceramic tiles, such as those used in bathrooms and swimming pools.  Polymers, though great as a waterproof barrier, do not bond well to glass and glazed ceramic tiles.  However, through specialized chemistry, the epoxy glass bond product readily bonds to such surfaces.  Typically water leakage in glazed tiles is because of defects in the tile and the seams between the tiles, which are definitely porous.  This product solves the water leakage problem in glazed tiles.

We solve the waterproofing problem with surgical knives rather than a sledge hammer!

Thermoset Polymer – Once cured, the polymer is a solid and does not destroy easily 

Hydrophobic – The polymer is inherently hydrophobic

Applicability – Can be readily applied to damp surfaces and it will penetrate pores

Enhanced Flexural Strength – Greater elasticity due to epoxy polymer component

Easy to Apply – Applied with a roller brush

Quick – Initial cure in 6 hours and final usage in 24 hours

Affordable – Solves the waterproof problem due to low usage (grams/sft)

Application Method
Both the products come in two parts – Part-A and Part-B.

For Epoxy Membrane Part-A to Part-B ratio is 1:6.  For Epoxy Glass Bond Part-A to Part-B ratio is 100:30.

Part-A and Part-B is mixed with simple hand stirring or a power tool.  It is then applied on the surface using a roller brush and a paint tray.

Pot life after mixing is 25-30 minutes.  Initial cure time is 6 hours.  Time for complete cure and usability of the surface is 24 hours.

Epoxy Membrane – 20 g/sft per coat for 35 microns thickness.  Most surfaces need just one coat.  Highly porous surfaces may need a second coat.

Epoxy Glass Bond – 10 g/sft per coat for 100 microns thickness.  One coat is sufficient for most applications.

The product is available in pails of size 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 25 Kg and 40 Kg.

Visual Proof
A simple experiment to test the efficacy of Epoxy Membrane